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Maryland Family Mediation Reviews

"I am very pleased with Ms. Kandell’s guidance in resolving some issues bearing on a divorce settlement with my wife. Ms. Kandell is methodical, patient and absolutely non-threatening. As I would think is the case with any good mediator, she does not take sides while insisting on both parties honestly looking at the situation. Highly recommended." - Mediation participant

"Long story short, our combined lawyer fees exceeded $12,000, before we finally agreed to settle our affairs. The separation settlement which was then crafted into our final divorce was almost exactly what the settlement terms were, when we had you as a mediator.  Mediation not only reduces unnecessary lawyer fees but  the inevitable additional stress that the divorce process already produces on it's own.”  - Mediation participant

“We felt your facilitation methods were great and we're both appreciative for what you do and choosing your services to get us through this time in our lives.  I thank you. “   -Mediation Participant

"Thanks again for helping my husband and me work out this problem in a kind, creative, efficient way." - Mediation participant

"I had the opportunity to participate as an attorney with Ellen Kandell as a mediator for a Child in Need of Assistance (CINA) matter.  The mediation was successful due to Ms. Kandell's extensive experience and professionalism.  Ms. Kandell was able to get all parties to focus on reasonable solutions to a very difficult matter.  I would definitely engage the mediation services of Ellen Kandell in the future and highly recommend her services to those in need of resolving very sensitive and difficult matters." - Rockville attorney

"Thanks again for your skillful work." - Mediation participant

“You are a true credit to your field and we were fortunate to have you guide our direction”.  - Mediation participant

"You maintained an excellent balance between his need to express himself yet moving the meeting along and maintaining neutrality. It was a pleasure working with you."
- Complainant's advocate

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