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Ellen Kandell, Family Mediator in Maryland

Ellen Kandell has over 20 years of experience as a mediator, dispute resolution professional and President of Alternative Resolutions, LLC.  She has over 30 years of experience as a lawyer in the public and private sectors.  She started her career as a consumer advocate and sees mediation practice as an extension of her interest in self determination.  Ellen believes that most family members  have the ability and the desire to resolve their own problems.  She enjoys helping families in the transition of separation and divorce.  As a mediator she sees her role as a facilitator of difficult conversations and as a guide to joint collaborative problem solving.  She has helped resolve over 800 cases.  In 2016 she had a chapter published in an American Bar Association book, Mediation for Estate Planners: Facilitating Family Conflict.  In 2014 she became certified by the International Mediation Institute and is on the rosters of numerous Maryland Circuit Courts as a  family and civil mediator.  In addition, she has been mediating child abuse cases (Child in Need of Assistance or CINA) for Montgomery County since 2003 and has specialized training in family law issues.  Finally, Ellen was selected for the Baltimore City Orphans Court mediation pilot helping families resolve property matters and serves on the roster for the Baltimore County Orphans Court mediation program. Having previously practiced law in the trusts and estates field she understands the legal and emotional issues that can arise in these cases.

Ellen received her basic mediation certification from Harvard Law School and has over 300 hours of advanced and specialized mediation and negotiation training.  In 2012 Ellen received training as a collaborative law professional.  Moreover, Ellen conducts training in basic mediation, communications and conflict management.  For more information click here.

In 2001, Ellen Kandell passed a performance based mediator certification, the only such certification in the US, by the Maryland Council for Dispute Resolution. For more information on the mediation process, see Mediation FAQs.

She is  Past President of the Maryland Council for Dispute Resolution and past chair of the Alternative Dispute Resolution section of the Montgomery County Bar Association.  She is a frequent presenter at professional and business conferences and radio and television programs.  In addition, Ellen is one of eight Maryland mediators who are featured on a statewide training video, "How Shall We Mediate Thee",  produced by the Maryland Mediation and Conflict Resolution office.

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