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Mediation is a process where a neutral third party, the mediator, helps you figure out the issues in a dispute and find appropriate solutions that serve everyone’s needs. You make the decision, not a judge who doesn't know you or your family. The mediator manages the negotiations between the parties in the dispute.  Family and divorce mediation is private and confidential so problems are solved within the confines of the family.  See our latest article"Why Mediation Works for Families Undergoing Separation and Divorce".

Using mediation for separation and divorce or other family transitions is less expensive and time consuming than adversarial divorce proceedings.  See our fact sheet.


Resolving Family Disputes Responsibly Through Mediation

We believe that most people have the ability to solve their own disputes. We assist you and the other parties in the conflict or lawsuit in having difficult conversations over tough issues.  We mediate over family issues that may involve your spouse, partner,  parents or adult or minor children.   Past clients have commented that our "calm approach" in mediation enables them to have honest and open dialogues, airing their differences and finding workable solutions.


We will help you:

·         Figure out how much it costs to live apart

·         Help you identify and value the marital property and divide it fairly

·         Negotiate all aspects of your divorce, including parenting decisions and arrangements

If you have children, we will use the state Child Support Guidelines and apply them to your situation.

Mediation looks forward rather than backwards. It does not focus on blame for past wrongs, but instead looks ahead and helps families figure out their options for the future. So if you are a parent in the throes of a divorce, mediation helps you figure out your role as a parent when you're no longer married.  Mediation can help divorcing parents make arrangements over who makes what decisions for the children, who picks them up after sports practice and who takes them to the doctor or dentist.   This is a necessary process for moving forward and out of conflict.
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